Be Safe

Avoid Counterfeit Tools links to:  Ever wonder why those CHI styling tools that you see in area discount stores are so cheap?  Most times, they are fakes!  The beauty industry calls this practice “diversion” and it is very harmful to legitimate businesses.  Farouk Systems is aggressively addressing diversion and counterfeiting.  They recently won a $300 million default judgment against a group of Internet counterfeiters selling fake CHI tools.  Authentic CHI tools are not available on any website and are only available in professional salons.  In 2009, Farouk Systems moved its tool manufacturing plant back into the USA, creating many new jobs for Americans.  Years of research on safety and effectiveness go into each CHI tool.  You can find out more about product counterfeiting from the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition

Behind the Scenes Green

Many people ask us what we do to be green.  For us, it is much more than just having green products, it is a way of life.  Here is a list of some of the things we do:

25 Years Protecting Clients & Stylists

15451 Salon Floor Decal 2_ammonia free

Natural Fusion Hair Studio is proud to offer our clients ammonia-free color. We use CHI color, which is manufactured by Farouk Systems, a US-based company. Farouk Systems is celebrating the 25th anniversary of their ammonia-free color line. CHI color produces rich, vibrant colors without the harshness of ammonia.  When ammonia is present in a color system, it produces ammonia gas, which is toxic and harmful to the lungs.

CHI color does not have ammonia and the chemicals that it uses do not become airborne.The ingredients in the color open the hair cuticle more gently and deposit the color. This allows the hair to remain more healthy and continue to look good. At Natural Fusion Hair Studio, we wanted to protect our stylists, as well as our clients.