New Certified Organic Hair Care

Worried about the chemicals in your hair and body products?  Want well researched and tested products?  Natural Fusion Hair Studio is proud to offer a new line of hair and body care.  We are excited about this product because it is the first USDA certified organic line that we have used that really works.  It is even safe for color treated hair. Philip Pelusi, a world renowned hair stylist and photographer, has made it his life’s priority to create safer hair products that work.  He bases his products on pharmaceutical grade, organic ingredients and uses a microemulsion manufacturing technique to make it all work!

Philip Pelusi premiered Tela Beauty Organics as the industry’s first professional USDA certified organic line of hair care products, created in accord with the highest USDA certifieable organic standards.  Additional the ingredients meet the stringent requirements of the US Pharmacopeia. Tela’s proprietary blend of 100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients, enriched with “super fruits,” impart incredible results on hair , skin and scalp.  Antioxidants help protect from free radical damage, protecting the integrity of the hair and skin’s strength and resilience.

Natural Fusion Hair Studio carries both the hair care line and the body line.  Come in and talk to us about your hair and body care needs!  Remember, your introductory visit is always 15% off.  To make your appointment, you may call (301-662-1766) or use our Online Booking.