Halloween Hair Tips

You and the kids planning on fun and freaky hair this Halloween? Here are some tips to get the style & color you’re looking for.

Step 1 Style:

For radical styling be sure to look for products that tout their hold as being: “Firm” or “Extra Firm” (gels, mousses, pastes, and hairsprays).

For really tall spikes, you can make your own egg white “mousse”, you will have to heat set it, which means blow drying it on a hot setting, after you have put it in.  The Egg White Mousse recipe can be found at the bottom of this article.

Step 2 Color:

For temporary hair colors, it’s a good idea to style your hair first and then put on the hair color. This is particularly true for folks with very blond hair, as the styling aids will help keep you hair from being stained by accident. Temporary hair color works best on hair that is completely dry.

Happy Trick or Treating!

Egg white Mouse Recipe:

Note: You can wash this out later with regular shampoo.

Working With Your Natural Wave


Don’t have straight hair but you don’t have curly hair either? Just that weird wave that you can’t figure out what to do with?

After you get out of the shower comb some CHI Silk Infusion through your hair and give it a few minutes to air dry a bit (I always do my make-up first).

Once some of the moisture is out flip your head over and shake your hair out to break it up some. Next scrunch the hair to help that natural wave start to kick in. Then you want to use your favorite curl enhancing product, I prefer Tela Beach Hair or P2 ReCurl, and scrunch that in to your hair.

The last step I do is use a hair dryer with a diffuser on it. Try to get most of the moisture out of your hair, but not so much that the hair starts to get frizzy.

-Susan Fitzpatrick

Frederick Expo 2012


Nothing like a before & after to get the scissors flying. Competition was fierce: hair was flying, artistic coloring employed, and we are ashamed to say their may even have been some hair pulling involved (not on the maniquins of course!).

Everyone worked hard here in the shop creating, fun unique looks for the maniquins.

We really enjoyed ourselves at the Frederick Expo, it was nice meeting people, and fun seeing which hair styles popular!

nicole_afterThe winner was….Nicole

Nicole’s Style Layered BobWho did an all over color of a dark red brown with an accent of a medium copper then splash of a dark Carmel highlight. The cut and style is a soft layered bob that can be biz or modern fun.

The Other Styles:


Wanted to design fun funky and modern but still be professional. He did a short asymmetrical cut. Earl’s coloring includes a dark red brown on the bottom and a light red brown on top. Copper highlights through the top & a bold light copper highlight in the back finished it off for a bold and professional look.



This mannequin features a fall wedding/formal style. Her beautiful updo has been colored with bronze, deep red, and brown tones throughout that are in theme with the autumn season. The flower is a fun accent, which can tie back to a bridal bouquet. It is a bolder look, more Avant Garde style.



Was happy with her mannequin’s natural base color but wanted to brighten her up a bit. She also thought it was important to keep her highlights looking natural and blended. She used a weaving cap and a cool blonde lightener.  Susan gave her an a-line bob and side swooping bangs. Finally she went through and texturized throughout the cut to remove a lot of the bulk, creating a sleek look.