DIY Deep Conditioning Treatment


Want a deep conditioning treatment but don’t have time to go to the salon? You can use a regular conditioner or a deep conditioner if you have one on hand…

Home Deep Conditioning

Before you hop in the shower throw a towel in your dryer and let it warm up. While that is in the dryer, take your shower and leave the conditioner till the end. Put enough conditioner in your hair that it has a nice coating on it, about a nickel to quarter size. If you have CHI Silk Infusion you can add some of that to your conditioner.

Without washing the conditioner out of the hair get out of the shower and wrap your hair up in that warm towel from the dryer. Leave the towel on your hair for at least 10-15 minutes.

Hop back in the shower and rinse your hair with the coldest water that you can tolerate!

What it’s doing:

The warmth from the towel will have opened up the cuticle of your hair so the conditioner can really penetrate in to your hair.  The cold water will close the cuticle to trap all of the proteins in.

I recommend doing this on a day you have off and/or plan on staying in, because your hair can feel a bit heavy for the first day.

-Susan Fitzpartick

Versatility from YOUR hair cut!


Many people decide to change their haircut because they are bored with the style. Often, when they come in, picture in hand of a “new exciting haircut” it’s the same exact haircut, just styled in a different way!

Styling can create an entirely different look!

I would like to invite people to try something new when styling their hair before an event. You could wear your bangs to the side, straight down, or pushed back off the face.  Or, add in some curls and body where it isn’t normally.  If you have curly hair you can calm down the natural curl by refining it with flat iron curls, making them more uniform.

If all else fails you can always come in for a shampoo/style when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. We can teach you many different, very quick, and easy ideas, to keeping LOOKING like you got a new haircut every day of the week.

-Lindsay Harmon

Romantic Loose Braids


Loose braids are hot, create a flowing, romantic looks and are easy to do.  You can use one or a few in your hair to create very different styles. Romantic Braids as the name implies, the trick is to keep it loose.  We have two methods for doing this, depending on the look you want.  One way is to angle the braid away from the head.  The other way is to “fluff” your hair with soft hands to keep from tensing and pulling your hair too tight.

With a little practice you can create a unique look of your own, or call us for an appointment and we can create this beautiful style for you.  As always, if you want to create the style later, ask us during your appointment and we will be glad to demonstrate for you.

-Earl Pindar

Professional and Polished… without the Hassle and Time


Re-blow Dry Tip:

Re-blow dry the already dry hair with a round brush.  The bristled brush and the blow-dryer heat will help to get rid of the frizz and add body to your hair.  Finish off the blow dry with the cool setting to set the style.  This will help lock the cuticle into place making it more weather resistant and adding a little extra shine.

Have Fine Flat Hair?

To help give fine hair an extra boost, use the re-blow dry method to achieve the volume you want. For that added touch, dampen the crown section of your head using wet hands, add a tiny amount of a volumizing product such as P2 Increase or P2 Liquid Mousse and then continue your blow dry.

Saves lots of time and you will still look like you pampered yourself!

-Lindsay Harmon