Frederick County Sustainability Commission Presents Sustainability Award to Natural Fusion Hair Studio

Yesterday, County Executive Jan Gardener announced the winners of the Recycling in Frederick T-shirt Design Contest and the Frederick County Sustainability Commission announced yesterday the recipients of awards and recognition for this year’s Sustainability Awards. Among them was the Organization Award winner, Natural Fusion Hair Studio (

In addition to the Sustainability Awards, awards for the Recycling in Frederick T-shirt Design Contest were also presented. A full list of all the winners:

Recycling in Frederick T-shirt design contest winners

Sustainability Awards

<<The Natural Fusion Hair Studio, located in the City of Frederick, has gone above and beyond in operating a sustainable shop. They are the first salon in the state to recycle salon waste and are now Maryland’s Green Circle Salon. The owners have achieved a 95% reduction in their salon waste through the program. As a Green Circle Salon, they recycle hair and other salon waste such as hair products. This recycling service costs the owners $400 per month—a cost which is not passes on to customers as the usual “environmental fee.”  The owners are encouraging other salons in Frederick to join the Green Circle Salon partnership. They also are using sustainable products in their shop.  In addition, they have instituted a number of sustainable practices throughout the site such as implementing LED and natural lighting, reuse of materials for furniture, and a native plant garden.>> <<from Frederick County Sustainability Commission NR>>

“We have worked really hard to achieve the highest level of sustainability possible – and we’re nowhere near done, yet! We would have been doing it anyway because we are passionate about the environment. So to be formally recognized is a real honor,” said Earl Pindar, owner and master stylist at Natural Fusion.

<<”We are proud to recognize these outstanding champions of sustainability who have provided leadership to the rest of us on how to create a bright future for Frederick County,” said FCSC Chair, Tom Anderson.>><<from Frederick County Sustainability Commission NR>>

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The Frederick County Sustainability Commission ( represents the natural environment’s critical relevance in making community decisions that will sustain for all time a healthy, abundant, affordable and inspiring place to live and work.