Natural Fusion Hair Studio Stylist Profile: Steve Stone

How did you land at Natural Fusion and what keeps you there?

I met Earl while I was in cosmetology school and used to stop by the shop all the time to say hi. I was always drawn to the atmosphere – it’s cozy, relaxed, comfortable, and not “hoity-toity.” I enjoy being able to deliver high-end services to my clients in an environment that appreciates and encourages individuality. Every day I come in and do my best work as myself without having to curb who I am – it makes me feel like I’m at home, working with my family, and serving my friends – I love it.

Have you always been an environmental enthusiast?

Me working here wasn’t because of the environmental focus, but after being here for a while and learning more about the impact salon chemicals have not only on the environment, but also us stylists I definitely appreciate it and advocate for it.

How does the Natural Fusion concept support your personal mission in terms of care for your clients?

Working here I’m able to provide a comfortable while pampering and professional experience for my clients. I have a lot of opportunity to educate them on sustainable hair salon practices both for in-shop services and at-home care. I consider myself a lifelong learner and get excited when I can share new concepts and insights with my clients – or anyone else willing to learn!

What’s your personal, favorite sustainable practice?

You know those plastic, 6-pack plastic holders? For as long as I can remember, probably since I was in grade school, I have been adamant about cutting those things into tiny pieces to avoid any chance of getting wrapped around some animal’s neck or body to a point where it hurts or even kills them. I saw it once and being the animal-lover that I am, ever since that day I’ve been almost-neurotic about making sure they’re cut before they get thrown away.

Steve’s #1 tip for hair care

Man, there are so many pearls of wisdom I tend to share, but if I had to choose one it would be to use a finishing product with SPF.  Doing so will help your color from fading and last longer, and it will protect your hair and scalp from UV rays, thus even adding a bit of an anti-aging element to your hair care routine.

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