Natural Fusion Hair Studio Stylist Profile: Jen Butt

October 17, 2017 / / Insights Blog

What drew you to Natural Fusion?

I chose Natural Fusion because I enjoy the professional, yet fun and laid back atmosphere. I love the team-based feel and the fact that I am not being wasteful while doing what I love!

How does the Natural Fusion concept support your personal “mission” for care of your clients?

The concept supports my professional mission of client care because I have a history of migraines and sinus issues. I noticed the migraines were worse when I was exposed to a lot of the common chemicals in salons. I am now able to be at work more consistently and concentrate on clients instead of my head! I am happy for myself, but also happy for clients get treated with natural and organic products! It is really cool for clients to feel that they are supporting a healthy environment.

What is your favorite environmentally-friendly practice at home?

My fave environmentally friendly practice in my personal care is  always being sure that I don’t leave the water running while I brush my teeth, etc. I am also big on no waste…I get every drop out of my personal care products!
I’m also loving to learn more and more about composting.

What’s an eco-friendly fun-fact about yourself?

I hate wasting food and I challenge myself to see what I can cook with all the scraps – we eat a lot of interesting [and delicious] meals!

Any hair care advice you’d like to share?

Yes! Always use a product with heat protection in your hair when using hot tools (i.e., blow dryer, irons, etc. to keep the integrity of your hair.) And turn that heat down!

If you only had access to one product what would it be (not shampoo or conditioner)?

I would get a thickening cream, such as Kevin Murphy’s Anti Gravity Lotion. It is lightweight and awesome at giving my hair the fullness of needs!

Natural Fusion Hair Studio Stylist Profile: Earl Pindar

May 15, 2017 / / Insights Blog

Why did you ever decide to open your own salon?

After years of being in the industry, I realized that my ideal salon didn’t exist and wanted to change that.

When opening the salon with your wife and co-owner, Kelly, how did you come up with the name? 

Actually, she came up with the name. We had spent 3 months together driving cross country and one day after hours and hours of going over what we wanted to convey she just turned to me and said, “Natural Fusion” and Natural Fusion Hair Studio was born. Pindar’s Palace was a close second. Just kidding. Or am I? Muwahaha…

What was the most important thing about the salon AFTER being Eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly. Quality products. Fantastic service. Those were all non-negotiable. Beyond that we really wanted to offer the quality of a boutique salon without any of the snootiness that usually comes with it.

What is your favorite thing about being a master stylist?

The people. Being able to help people. Being able to get to know them. Being able to help them see their own beauty. I cannot put into words how rewarding and meaningful that is to me.

It seems like your clients and staff know you pretty well because you’re so outgoing and open. What is something many people DON’T know about you?

Wow. That’s hard. My clients indeed know everything about me! I was VERY close to becoming a sheriff’s deputy. Stop in and maybe I’ll tell you about it 😉

If you had to pick one product as your favorite, what would it be and why?

Kevin Murphy SESSION.SPRAY because it’s strong without being stiff and offers UV protection. It’s all of the things I look for in a product: Eco-friendly, high-quality, dependable, versatile.

Natural Fusion Hair Studio Stylist Profile: Mary Facemire

February 4, 2017 / / Insights Blog

How did you land at Natural Fusion?

I met Earl at The Temple here in Frederick and came to Natural Fusion from another salon that had a ton of stylists. It was loud and uncomfortable for me; I felt lost among all those people. The “smallness” (if that’s a word) of Natural Fusion was intriguing to me. I loved the idea of being part of a core team. When switching to Natural Fusion I had no clue how much of an impact it was going to have on my health. Prior to working here I would have sinus infection after sinus infection – multiple times a year. But over the last 8 years I have had one maybe two! I honestly believe it is because I am not breathing in harsh fumes from hair color and other chemical services all day (and neither are my clients!). I could get all mushy and say that “we’re a family and we all just work well together” as being the reason why I’ve stayed, but that’s obvious and anyone can see that within moments of walking through the door. 🙂

What are your go-to products?

My personal must have that I can’t live without is DRY SHAMPOO. I absolutely LOVE DOO.OVER by Kevin Murphy.  I have two young boys who devour all my free time so washing my hair sometimes gets put on the backburner. DOO.OVER is a life saver.  It helps to minimize the shiny look, it has a soft smell, AND my favorite part is it gives my hair texture since it is also a light hairspray.

If I could only pick one product to live with for the rest of my life it would be Kevin Murphy’s RE.STORE because even though it is one product it does SO much.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Well…I crochet. I love it and I’m pretty dang good at it, too!

What is one word of hair advice that you live by?

Treat hair like your skin. A LOT of women I know (myself included) invest a ton of money into their skincare regimen. They are buying great cleansers, toners, masks, SPFs, etc. – all for daily use. Yet the majority of them don’t [know to] do the same with their hair and wonder, “why doesn’t my hair do this at home? I’m using the same shampoo.” Some aren’t using quality shampoos and conditioners, either. So, it’s going to look and feel dramatically different when you leave the salon because when you’re in my care I’m using phenomenal products! Some of my clients have said things like, “Ugh, I’m going to have to buy 15 products to recreate this myself.” Not the case – rarely have I used more than 4 products on a client (including shampoo and conditioner). Don’t get me wrong – if someone is open to trying stuff then I’ll use a shine spray or something similar, but for the most part, great hair care is about developing a quality routine using core products – just as it is with your facial skincare.

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Frederick County Executive Jan Gardener and Business Recycling Program Analyst for Frederick County Donna Corbus Present Annual Business Waste Recycling and Reduction Awards

November 29, 2016 / / News

Natural Fusion Hair Studio Helps Recycle Hair Clippings Into Furniture Through Green Circle Salons & Werres Corporation Recycles Forklifts

Recently, Frederick County Executive Jan Gardener and Business Recycling Program Analyst for Frederick County Donna Corbus Present Annual Business Waste Recycling and Reduction Awards. Among them was Natural Fusion Hair Studio (

Business Waste Recycling and Reduction Award Winners

  • Natural Fusion Hair Studio
  • MOM’s Organic Market – Frederick
  • Werres Corporation

<<Frederick County Government has announced the winners of its annual Business Waste Reduction and Recycling Award. The County has an established goal of diverting 60% of its waste from landfill

disposal by 2025 and the Department of Solid Waste Management actively promotes a philosophy of “Recycle More. Waste Less.” Since businesses account for roughly half of the waste generated, this award program provides public recognition for local organizations that have demonstrated leadership in their efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle.>> <<from Frederick County Department of Solid Waste NR>>

“Recycling waste in general is common sense, right? But through Green Circle Salons (GCS) we get to do some really cool – and unexpected – stuff! All of the products at the shop are already eco-friendly, but through GCS water is extracted from used product through a centrifuge process and then added back into reservoirs. Not to mention this one guy who actually recycles hair (typically used to sop up oil spills and fertilize soil – both super cool) into granite-like furniture! Crazy cool, right?!,” said Earl Pindar, owner and master stylist at Natural Fusion. “We’re so happy to keep making strides toward protecting and preserving our environment and hope others will continue to do so, too. And we’re grateful to DSWM for all the work they do to keep sustainability in the spotlight!” he added.

<<“Waste reduction can be as easy as rethinking the way you’ve always done things and making a few simple changes. The choices these businesses have made inspire their employees as well as their customers to “think green” and conserve resources,” said Donna Corbus, Business Recycling Program Analyst for Frederick County.>><<from Frederick County Department of Solid Waste NR>>

Natural Fusion Hair Studio Stylist Profile: Falynn Robison

October 23, 2016 / / Insights Blog

Why did you choose to plant roots at Natural Fusion Hair Studio?

There are a lot of reasons why I wanted to work at Natural Fusion. I really like that we only use organic and natural products. When I was in cosmetology school the products we used would always give me hives…I’ve had none since working here. The atmosphere is great – we offer premium services in a relaxed environment where we can each be ourselves – I love it! Also, I love that we can care for hair and the environment at the same time!

What are your go-to products?

Philip Pelusi’s Tela Healer and P2 Decrease. Absolutely. Tela Healer is a leave-in conditioner for wet hair that’s also a cream, which provides great cuticle penetration. Especially with humidity, it reduces frizz with a quick wash-and-go. P2 Decrease is a spray that’s great for reducing drying time, which is great if you have thicker hair.

How does Natural Fusion’s commitment to the environment align with your personal practices?

So…I used to love long showers. Like, LOVE them. Since working here and seeing all the ways we practice sustainability, I’ve realized that I can be saving so much water by taking more reasonable showers. I miss my long showers, which seem like such a small thing, but I feel good about skipping them since it’s better for the environment.

If you could give people one hair care tip what would it be?

Use both a heat protectant AND a leave-in conditioner when heat-styling – it’s the best way to protect your hair.

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