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Event: Daughter Hair Care & Style 101

October 21, 2016 / / Events

Daughter event

Need help or want ideas on how to care for and style your daughter’s hair? Interested in a fun, hands-on-hair workshop for you and your little lass to take part in?

Join us for Daughter Hair Care & Style 101

We’ll teach you how to treat, style and manage your daughter’s delicate tresses in way that’s fun for everyone!

Seating is extremely limited at this point. Please RSVP by Monday, November 1st. $25/pair (1 adult + 1 daughter). Cost includes refreshments, class, and goodie bag for daughters.

*Online/Eventbrite tickets: $25 + $1.97 processing:

Or pay at the door ($25/pair), just RSVP with this invite:


Natural Fusion Hair Studio Stylist Profile: Susan Fitzpatrick

August 9, 2016 / / Insights Blog

Out of all the salons in Frederick, how did you land at Natural Fusion?

Earl was my teacher in school here in Frederick and we got along really well; I liked his personality and he became like a big brother to me. So, one day I told him that when he was ready I would love to work for him as an assistant. I liked that he was laid back and that he wasn’t stuck on one style of cutting. He understands that everyone sees how things get accomplished, but find their own ways of getting there.

How do the Natural Fusion eco-friendly salon practices align with your personal “mission” for care of your clients?

I hate calling out from work. I have shown up and Earl has sent me home because he could tell I didn’t feel well. I try to keep myself as healthy as possible so I can always be there for my clients. Using the products that we do, keeps me healthier in the long run. Until I really started working in a hair salon I didn’t realize how much the products affect you on a day to day basis. I want my clients to be as happy and healthy as possible and knowing they are using these products makes me happy.

What is your personal favorite eco-friendly practice at home?

Homemade baby food! When my daughter was starting to eat solids I made everything for her. I would lay her down for a nap and then steamed, baked and pureed for hours. Then, I would spend the next two days filling and refilling ice cube trays of pureed food until it was all frozen and put in proper storage containers. This not only ensured my daughter was only eating whole, healthy foods, but it also saved us money and cut down on so much container waste.

Also, I’m adamant about getting the absolute last drop of product out of the bottle – to the point where I’ll cut it open so I can use my fingers to scoop out that last drop. I’ll admit that not many people have actually witnessed me doing this!

How about some professional hair care advice. What one thing would you recommend that could benefit anyone?

Well… Want silky smooth hair? Tired of having to wash, blow dry and flat iron all in the morning before work? My advice is to wash your hair at night and let it air dry while you sleep. Then, you can touch it up in the morning with the smoothing iron. Less heat on the hair, less energy wasted [for you and your electric bill], and most importantly – more time to sleep! And for extra shine, give your hair a couple of pumps of BrilliantHair before using the smoothing iron.

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Natural Fusion Hair Studio Stylist Profile: Steve Stone

July 15, 2016 / / Insights Blog

How did you land at Natural Fusion and what keeps you there?

I met Earl while I was in cosmetology school and used to stop by the shop all the time to say hi. I was always drawn to the atmosphere – it’s cozy, relaxed, comfortable, and not “hoity-toity.” I enjoy being able to deliver high-end services to my clients in an environment that appreciates and encourages individuality. Every day I come in and do my best work as myself without having to curb who I am – it makes me feel like I’m at home, working with my family, and serving my friends – I love it.

Have you always been an environmental enthusiast?

Me working here wasn’t because of the environmental focus, but after being here for a while and learning more about the impact salon chemicals have not only on the environment, but also us stylists I definitely appreciate it and advocate for it.

How does the Natural Fusion concept support your personal mission in terms of care for your clients?

Working here I’m able to provide a comfortable while pampering and professional experience for my clients. I have a lot of opportunity to educate them on sustainable hair salon practices both for in-shop services and at-home care. I consider myself a lifelong learner and get excited when I can share new concepts and insights with my clients – or anyone else willing to learn!

What’s your personal, favorite sustainable practice?

You know those plastic, 6-pack plastic holders? For as long as I can remember, probably since I was in grade school, I have been adamant about cutting those things into tiny pieces to avoid any chance of getting wrapped around some animal’s neck or body to a point where it hurts or even kills them. I saw it once and being the animal-lover that I am, ever since that day I’ve been almost-neurotic about making sure they’re cut before they get thrown away.

Steve’s #1 tip for hair care

Man, there are so many pearls of wisdom I tend to share, but if I had to choose one it would be to use a finishing product with SPF.  Doing so will help your color from fading and last longer, and it will protect your hair and scalp from UV rays, thus even adding a bit of an anti-aging element to your hair care routine.

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Frederick County Sustainability Commission Presents Sustainability Award to Natural Fusion Hair Studio

May 20, 2016 / / News

Yesterday, County Executive Jan Gardener announced the winners of the Recycling in Frederick T-shirt Design Contest and the Frederick County Sustainability Commission announced yesterday the recipients of awards and recognition for this year’s Sustainability Awards. Among them was the Organization Award winner, Natural Fusion Hair Studio (

In addition to the Sustainability Awards, awards for the Recycling in Frederick T-shirt Design Contest were also presented. A full list of all the winners:

Recycling in Frederick T-shirt design contest winners

  • John Wyson – Grand Prize
  • Austin Mogollon – Elementary Grades Honor
  • Jordan Best – Secondary Grades Honor
  • Zoe Dombo – Community Choice

Sustainability Awards

  • Natural Fusion Hair Studio – Organization Award
  • Rich Maranto – Individual Award
  • Frederick Community Action Agency – Nonprofit Organization Award
  • Matthew Witmer – County Employee Award
  • AstraZeneca Frederick Manufacturing – Organization Recognition
  • Ginny Brace – Individual Recognition

<<The Natural Fusion Hair Studio, located in the City of Frederick, has gone above and beyond in operating a sustainable shop. They are the first salon in the state to recycle salon waste and are now Maryland’s Green Circle Salon. The owners have achieved a 95% reduction in their salon waste through the program. As a Green Circle Salon, they recycle hair and other salon waste such as hair products. This recycling service costs the owners $400 per month—a cost which is not passes on to customers as the usual “environmental fee.”  The owners are encouraging other salons in Frederick to join the Green Circle Salon partnership. They also are using sustainable products in their shop.  In addition, they have instituted a number of sustainable practices throughout the site such as implementing LED and natural lighting, reuse of materials for furniture, and a native plant garden.>> <<from Frederick County Sustainability Commission NR>>

“We have worked really hard to achieve the highest level of sustainability possible – and we’re nowhere near done, yet! We would have been doing it anyway because we are passionate about the environment. So to be formally recognized is a real honor,” said Earl Pindar, owner and master stylist at Natural Fusion.

<<”We are proud to recognize these outstanding champions of sustainability who have provided leadership to the rest of us on how to create a bright future for Frederick County,” said FCSC Chair, Tom Anderson.>><<from Frederick County Sustainability Commission NR>>

About Frederick County Sustainability Commission

The Frederick County Sustainability Commission ( represents the natural environment’s critical relevance in making community decisions that will sustain for all time a healthy, abundant, affordable and inspiring place to live and work.

Join Us at the Boonsboro Green Fest

April 17, 2016 / / Events

We’re happy to announce that we will once again have a booth at the Boonsboro Green Fest on Saturday, May 7th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  This year we are offering free product demonstrations by appointment (spaces are limited).  Choose from one of four organic, dry-hair treatments we’ll be pampering booth guests with:

Whether you’re onsite getting a treatment or just stopping by to learn about eco-friendly hair care and what it means for you, we’ll send you home with a personalized hair regimen “prescription” and some fabulous samples. Call Susan today to book your appointment: 301-662-1766.

For more details about the festival visit