Natural Fusion Hair Studio Stylist Profile: Jen Butt

October 17, 2017 / / Insights Blog

What drew you to Natural Fusion?

I chose Natural Fusion because I enjoy the professional, yet fun and laid back atmosphere. I love the team-based feel and the fact that I am not being wasteful while doing what I love!

How does the Natural Fusion concept support your personal “mission” for care of your clients?

The concept supports my professional mission of client care because I have a history of migraines and sinus issues. I noticed the migraines were worse when I was exposed to a lot of the common chemicals in salons. I am now able to be at work more consistently and concentrate on clients instead of my head! I am happy for myself, but also happy for clients get treated with natural and organic products! It is really cool for clients to feel that they are supporting a healthy environment.

What is your favorite environmentally-friendly practice at home?

My fave environmentally friendly practice in my personal care is  always being sure that I don’t leave the water running while I brush my teeth, etc. I am also big on no waste…I get every drop out of my personal care products!
I’m also loving to learn more and more about composting.

What’s an eco-friendly fun-fact about yourself?

I hate wasting food and I challenge myself to see what I can cook with all the scraps – we eat a lot of interesting [and delicious] meals!

Any hair care advice you’d like to share?

Yes! Always use a product with heat protection in your hair when using hot tools (i.e., blow dryer, irons, etc. to keep the integrity of your hair.) And turn that heat down!

If you only had access to one product what would it be (not shampoo or conditioner)?

I would get a thickening cream, such as Kevin Murphy’s Anti Gravity Lotion. It is lightweight and awesome at giving my hair the fullness of needs!