Kelly Chapin


Kelly grew up in Frederick and graduated from Hood College. For the next 12 years, she ventured across the United States working in highly protected habitats which included ocean habitats. Fortuitous circumstances lead to meeting Earl in Monterey, CA.

Ready for change, but still very interested in protecting the environment, Kelly and Earl decided to combine their expertise to open an environmentally-friendly hair salon. Kelly loves owning the business with Earl because she is passionate about enabling their company – and their team – to grow.

To recharge, she takes their dogs for a walk, and she is currently working towards becoming a master naturalist supporting Fountain Rock Park. “All of our parks provide amazing experiences for all people with little resources and volunteers. Please support your favorite park!” Kelly encourages. On a desert island, she would want a comb for her curls. Her favorite cereal is Lucky Charms (hello, marshmallows!), and she is increasing her already savvy environmentally friendly practices by learning all the ways to use a beeswax covered cloth – did you know that cheese lasts 5x longer in the cloth, versus a plastic bag?

Our Team

Earl Pindar

Earl Pindar

Owner & Stylist